Friday, September 12, 2014

Tax Lien List Published

Today's Courier News contains more than four pages of fine print listing property owners who owe taxes or sewer (PMUA) charges.

Among the larger debts, Muhlenberg owes more than $40,000 in taxes and Dornoch Plainfield owes more than $19,000 in sewer charges. There is the usual smattering of well-known names, including a councilman and some public employees.

The list will be published again before the October 9 tax lien sale, at which the city sells off liens to recoup the money owed. In this case, the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority will be the main beneficiary, as most of the money is owed to the authority.

Debtors can pay up before the sale if they are able. If an investor pays the lien at the Oct. 9 sale, the debtor then owes the investor at up to 18 percent interest and with the danger of future foreclosure.



  1. Can you provide a link? I am logged in on the CN site, not finding anything.

  2. I get the digital edition, but ran out to get a paper this morning. There is a link to legal notices, but it has 277 entries.

  3. Thanks Bernice! Still couldn't find in all the Legal Notices, but accessed the digital copy and then downloaded the pages to a PDF (easier to read!). The usual suspects owing money to PMUA, imagine that!