Friday, July 8, 2016

Can We Choose Peace?

Day in and day out I see Plainfielders who get along and hold hope for the city's future. We all have different backgrounds, yet we are here now. We do not have to walk in lock-step but we can move forward together. Let us remember in this sad and trying time what we prize about our shared experience in the Queen City.



  1. It is the reason why I moved to Plainfield. This city's diversity is one of its proudest characteristics. Plainfield loves its politics, but like a dysfunctional family, once politics is put aside, you see a community that has genuine concern for its neighbors and citizens. We mourn together for the loss of the people in our community - those whose time has come naturally, and those whose time has come too early.

    We are a reasonable people, with differing opinions, but most of all, we are a people of kindness, compassion, and caring.

    During this difficult period, let's vow to take steps to go out of our way to be good to each other. Say a kind word to a stranger (if there is such a thing in Plainfield), do a good deed for a neighbor, count our blessings for having each other. In the end, we need to count on each other. Let's treasure it.

  2. The diversity of this city and it's small town character are some of it's many attributes that keep me here... It's honestly NOT convenient to live here for my current job. I look, but I keep saying, not good enough to leave here.