Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer 2016 Images

I am still fatigued from the hot spell. I can't think of anything to say, so here are some images. 
Here's one of our backyard mantids, now about two inches long. I don't see as many as in past years, mybe to to the scorched earth "landscaping" we had in late Spring. (Click to enlarge)
Our dear neighbor Edna moved South several years ago, but we remember her often and still appreciate the flowers she left behind, like this triple Daylily.
"Downtown Guy" is still watching over East Front Street, where many changes have taken place. Stores and restaurants have come and gone since the downtown was created in the 1880s.
Here's a flash from the past - Miron's Furniture on Front Street. The warehouse on East Second Street is now a 12-family dwelling, with a restaurant planned on the ground floor.
On the Gavett Place side, the former Miron's warehouse will have a restaurant on the ground floor.
Across Gavett Place, a 20-unit residential building with commercial space on the ground floor is nearing completion. Plans call for an entertainment center as well.
Last but not least, I saw something in the window of a boarded-up, fire-damaged house on East Sixth Street recently. I thought it was a person, but when I enlarged the photo, I saw it was a stuffed tiger. This house has been boarded up several times, but people (and tigers) keep getting in. On the same block, two or three homes have been renovated and reclaimed for occupancy. I'm hoping someone will take this one on someday as well.

Enjoy the weekend and don't forget, it's National Night Out on Tuesday!


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  1. As always, love the photos! Good catch on the tiger! I've noticed in my own travels that many neglected, abandoned, damaged by fire, etc. houses on East Second and East Fifth Streets are in the process of being rehabbed. I think it's great news for the city! I've counted about seven homes in undergoing such renovations just in a matter of six or seven blocks.