Saturday, July 16, 2016

Four-way Stops To Get LED Lights

Four-way stop signs at twelve locations will be augmented with solar-powered flashing red lights to enhance public awareness, if the governing body approves.

A resolution up for a City Council vote Monday calls for purchasing solar panels and 48 red flasher bars at a cost of $52,560.
Please note
Monday's Special Meeting
is 7 p.m.
in Municipal Court
325 Watchung Ave.

The intersections are listed as:
Belvidere Avenue and Ravine Road
Watchung Avenue and Kensington Avenue
Hillside Avenue and Prospect Avenue
Hillside Avenue and Evergreen Avenue
North Avenue and Berckman Street
West Ninth Street and Arlington Avenue
West Eighth Street and Field Avenue
West Eighth Street and Spooner Avenue
West Eighth Street and Hobart Avenue
West Third Street and Monroe Avenue
West Fourth Street and Monroe Avenue
Grant Avenue and Sherman Avenue

The four-way stops were installed following a fatal accident at Arlington Avenue and Ninth Street last year. The idea was to slow down speeders and people who were running regular stop signs, but some drivers ignored the new signs out of habit and lack of attention. The background memo said that besides painted markings at the stops, the LED alerts would "support awareness."

The public may comment on the resolution before the vote.

The request for LED lights comes as land use boards have denied the use of LED signs at two churches. Officials of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church had requested use of such lights in 2014 to give parishioners quick updates. At Wednesday's Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, the board asked representatives of Shiloh Baptist Church to remove a flashing LED sign that was installed without city permission, and they agreed. The church was there on a different matter, the consolidation of parking on the block. It was noted that the sign at St. Mary's had been denied.

Although LED signs are not a permitted use, in 2014 it was mentioned that a 2010 ordinance outlawing LED lights was under review. 



  1. Quick note to let you know, Eric Watson passed away. Found in bed, he had a heart monitor placed last week, but did not wake up this morning.

  2. Another way to wake up those non-alert drivers is to install a series of rumble strips on the roadway. They are done with thermoplastic line paint applied in multiple layers to create the rumble strip effect. The opposition is usually from nearby residents who don't like hearing the rumble, real or imagined.

  3. No LEDs in residential neighborhoods please -- potential alternate options at, or leading to, designated intersections: 1. Speed bumps 2. Solar powered (non-blinking, non-LED light) illuminating stop sign; 3. Pavement Lettering: appropriate ground/pavement sign (STOP AHEAD) 4. striped/colored or rasied/stamped pavement 5. Rumble strips as suggested by Mr. Townley 6. Restrict parking on the approach to the sign to prevent parked vehicles from obstructing the visibility of the stop sign. 7. Installation of traffic calming median that will force drivers to slow down as they approach intersection 8. A combination of the above referenced

    NO LEDs, please!

  4. The LEDs can be put with a kind of hood over the outer portion of the warning light so as not to disturb residents. This will also concentrate the warning so inattentive drivers may notice more. No speed bumps or humps please! No one wants flashing lights like a neon sign coming in their windows.

  5. For years, the residents of Evergreen and Prospect Aves have been asking the Mayor and City Council for a permanent solution to the speeding that occurs on our streets. I can tell you that, in all honesty, I see cars speeding past my house at rates in excess of 60mph. Now flashing stop signs? About as effective as the "Your Speed Is..." and decoy copy cars that are periodically positioned around town. Its only a matter of time before another tragic and potentially avoidable circumstance occurs before any real action is taken. We've been hearing for year that "it requires a study". Well, has the study commenced and, if not, why?

  6. Perhaps the police should also include speed traps. Madison Avenue is a racing strip as well as Kenyon Avenue. Neighbors complain to the Police Department and noting is done. Even a death is not enough. Just place an unmarked car in a driveway and watch for yourself!

  7. madison and kenyon are not racing strips and it's nothing gets done not noting