Thursday, July 7, 2016

Public Safety Meeting at 7 p.m. Friday

Yesterday afternoon I received a recorded call about Mayor Adrian O. Mapp holding a meeting on public safety at 7 p.m. Friday in front of City Hall. I have very poor auditory recall and can't remember any more details, nor could I find anything more on the city website. Feel free to add details if you got the call.

I also got an email Tuesday from the mayor with the heading, "Gun Violence is the Scourge of the 21st Century - No City is Immune" which contained information on ways Plainfield police are mentoring young people and fostering community involvement. If you are not receiving these communications,  go to the city website at and click on the Stay Connected link at the right. You can get messages by phone, email, Twitter and more.

People are horrified at what happened at the hands of police in Baton Rouge. It is good to know that our police are community-minded and pro-active toward young people as indicated by events such as PBA cookouts in each ward and youth mentoring events.



  1. It was through the activism of the late 50s and the 60s that allowed many elected officials. The opportunities that they have and enjoy today. But many not all but many forget about the grassroots activists who continue to fight for justice. Everyday we remain vigilant and steadfast for justice and peace in Plainfield. We're not anti anybody were anti violence and for peace, progress and prosperity for all.

  2. Mr X. It is most important now, that you bring that calming message to Plainfield - you will have the community with you promoting peace, progress and prosperity for all.