Monday, July 25, 2016

Taking A "Heat Dome" Day

It's too hot!

I took three books out of the Plainfield Public Library to read while waiting for the "heat dome" weather condition to dissipate, but it's almost too hot to pay attention. The default is listening to the radio while making origami stars - less effort than trying to read.

Mau is also suffering from the heat. 
He tends to become more lively when it cools off at night, but mid-afternoon heat knocks him out.
He likes to nap with a pillow made of of a freezer-pack wrapped in a washcloth when the heat is at its peak.

I hope all Plainfielders, especially elders, as well as all companion animals, get relief soon.



  1. Hang in there. Mau has turned into such a gorgeous cat!

  2. Hi Bernice,

    Just a quick reminder for folks about the revised Animal ordinance that protects pets in extreme weather. Accordingly, no pet can be outside for more thank 30 minutes when the temperature is over 85 degrees. They have as much risk in the heat as we do. They need to be inside and have water. I think many pets would like one of Mau's freezer-pack pillows.


    Tom Kaercher