Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hold The Schadenfreude

"This should be good," somebody commented on news of an FBI investigation in Orange, where Mayor Adrian O. Mapp is the chief financial officer..
My error - he is the Director of Finance and QPA
I can tell you from my years as a reporter that salivating over possible scandal may be standard practice for critics of elected officials, but a person could be soaked with drool before the FBI tells exactly what is going on and who will pay a price.

"We can neither confirm nor deny ..." is a phrase I heard often when making calls to an FBI spokesperson.

There was a case years ago involving a prominent Plainfielder where months went by before an outcome. The person in question had been caught in an FBI sting operation and the word on the street was that his arrest was a tactic to catch even more prominent people. He did become one of the first guests at a brand-new federal prison and served time. When he got out, he was honored with a $400-a-plate dinner, apparently for not giving up the bigger fish the FBI was really trying to net.

The FBI has also raided Plainfield City Hall under various mayors with no one ever being charged, let alone sent to prison. If the seized documents lead to a strong case, it will go forward. If not, nothing happens.

An investigation can target current officials or prior office holders. The only way  to find out who did what is to wait for the FBI to say so. I have often joked that one of Plainfield's favorite sports is jumping to conclusions, so those who are all a-flutter with frissons of joy at someone's possible misfortune may just have to keep calm and carry on about something else while the FBI operates at its own pace.



  1. When looking for information at City Hall, it was often said "That file is with the FBI".

  2. Bernice, So true on all points, too much of our news is full of misinformation, missing interpretation and absolutely fake on so many ways. The days of investagated reporting is rare with the sound bites that are sent out from news organizations, Facebook feeds, blogs and sadly personal tweets and idle gossiping. That is why residents have to be present at all of our public meetings from Council, School Board, PMUA, Planning and all the other events that involves the makeup of a accountability, honest and transparent government.
    Yes for the City of Orange to be raided, not by the local or state, but the Federal Bureau of Investagation, shows to me that the people of Orange were not involved, not demanding transparency and accountability of their public employees and elective officials.
    To be properly informed of current events and historical values you have to be involved with the day to day events that concern you and your neighbors. Unfortunately our own local government does not have current updated information on its our own website, it is all about searching for a resources at city hall and find yourself going in cirles to have resolve. Other websites do not inform you of all the facts when you are searching for solution. Queen City Pride is working on our site, so that we can be a center for information about what is happening in our city. So many residents just want to be involved, hopefully this will assist. No person or entity is prefect, that is why our voices need to be heard

  3. Thanks Bernice for being the voice of reason. You’re correct, far to often we jump to conclusions with our fingers pointing all in an effort to bring about shame. Timothy, just maybe the good people of Orange was engaged, that could be what prompt the investigation.

    1. Anon, are you suggesting that this was caused by lack of information from the administration of Orange? If so when was the last time the City of Plainfield had an independent audit, are you suggesting that we should reach out to the FBI for the same issues of Orange that may be happening here?

    2. You are one dumb-ass and whoever is feeding you this non-sense should use someone more intelligent then you.


    3. Timothy, An independent audit costs money. In fact, this administration has called for an independent audit, and the council at the time denied the spend, stating that there was no reason to look into Plainfield's finances. So, your point is a good one, but you need to make sure you have all the facts.