Monday, January 16, 2017

New Council Title and Powers in Proposed Ordinance

Under proposed legislation, the Chairman of the Committee of the Whole would become Vice President of the City Council and the Council President's powers will expand.

So what is that first title, anyway? It comes from Robert's Rules of Order and allows a chairman to lead a discussion among the the council members, such as whether or not to move an item to the regular meeting agenda for a vote. Here's one summary:

committee of the whole is a device in which a legislative body or other deliberative assembly is considered one large committee. All members of the legislative body are members of such a committee. This is usually done for the purposes of discussion and debate of the details of bills and other main motions..

The proposed language states that the Vice President would, in the absence of the City Council President, have all the powers and duties of the President.

The amended ordinance would also give the council president, in addition to the mayor, the power to call special meetings.

Combined agenda-fixing and regular meeting 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17 in Municipal Court

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  1. Uh oh - power grab, budget padding, democracy run amok - Timothy is not going to be happy. Prepare for a lengthy post on his interpretation of de tocqueville's view of committee's of the whole vs the juxtaposition of federalist paper #6