Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Thoughts on Meeting Coverage

I have been covering City Council meetings for about 30 years, at a weekly newspaper, then a daily and now on the blog. Since deciding to do without a car in 2008, I have walked to meetings of the City Council, school board, PMUA, Planning and Zoning boards and numerous others. This year, I decided I am not going to walk if it is icy outside. I will probably skip other meetings that are beyond walking distance. Meetings are now covered by other bloggers and also by TAPinto Plainfield. Concerned citizens can also simply attend any public meetings and bring friends to see how public entities operate. When possible, I will post previews, especially of land use cases, as well as dates and locations of meetings.

I am asking people to direct their event notices and such to TAPinto Plainfield or to Dan or Facebook. Requests for me to post things got pretty much out of hand for a while and I realized on my "break" that I had strayed from my goal of posting original content only.



  1. WOW I guess you would get out fast so you do not have to report on the downfall of this administration.

    1. Did you read the part where I mention new bloggers and news outlets? Believe me, you will read all about it if the the administration fails - or if it endures. Thirty years of reporting and all I get is this dopey comment!

  2. To 11:19AM - thanks for insulting Bernice, who spent more time than you have been alive in making this town aware of what goes on in a professional manner. If Bernice has an opinion, you know it because she posts it as such.

    I am so disgusted with people like you who do nothing to make this town better, but always seem to have all the answers. Perhaps you should start covering the events of this city in an unbiased way, or would that cut into your American Idol time?

    Bernice, we are a city indebted to your volunteer services in covering this city. So sorry for the dopey comment.