Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Priano Apologizes, Explains

I am putting this comment from Timothy Priano up as a guest post. 

I apologize if my words are not always explained correctly when i present them and if i have offended anyone I also apologize, I speak from my heart that We all can work together, please I ask to be forgiven.

So, after the anger in the blog yesterday I called to have a conversation with my 91-year-old mother who is where I was taught from an early age to be of civic mind.

I am 8th born of 10 children from first generation parents, my father’s family was descendants of Italy at 46-year-old, he had a massive heart attack was unable to work and passed away at 54. 

My mother is of Syrian decent, had faced her entire life as a woman from a minority in the city that where we lived. My Mother had to raise 10 children after my father could not work full time, she held down 3 jobs to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. We had to go on public assistance and food stamps, but those services where very short lived in the 70’s. We had to live in the winter without heat when we could not afford to pay the bills, if my grandmother was not there to help we would have been homeless. I understand what it is life to be without then and today.

My mother during the protests for civil rights and the Vietnam war, supporting my 2 older bothers that may not be here today if they were drafted… She was ridiculed and insulted due to the color of her skin, called many names that were and still to this day are hateful for anyone to hear.

The discussion yesterday was about 2 of her grandchildren and my nieces, how they have to still today have to deal with racial slurs, their father is African American and they are not the look that societies accepts due to their color and body shapes still today. 

We also planned my daughter's trip this weekend to attend the Women’s March in DC, my mother would have loved to attend so that she could relive her youth as an activist, but old age and slow movement will not allow her. 

Our daughter will represent our entire family this Saturday for the strong women that we all came from and for the future of our country. We are a family of many faces, nationality and ethics heritage, this is why we moved to Plainfield, we wanted diversity.

As far as my distaste for government bodies, I will explain what we went through in the 60’s and 70’s, I grew up in Tonawanda NY, a small city north of Buffalo NY, we watch our government destroy block and blocks of business and homes, my aunt and uncle had a restaurant and bar in our city, our friends had homes and apartments in the downtown area, we had a lively downtown area that we all supported, from the army navy surplus, to WT Grant, our little main street was wonderful and showed a true community. 

Then before our eye, the Mayor and his band of henchman decided to destroy of way of life for “Urban Renewal”, still today, the land that our community was all about, is a waste land of parking lots and lost dreams. So, when I beg for everyone to get involved, shop our local business so that they have our support and will not be turned into another parking lot or a project that does not get off the ground for years it is my frustration that this can still happen in every city in the country. 

Respectfully if you would like to take a coffee or tea, my email is timothypriano@gmail.com
I only want to be part of your community and make it the best it can be. 


  1. Tim, you have nothing to apologize for. The truth hurts especially those with thin skins!

  2. An apology is only required if Timmy wants people to forgive him for his pompous, boorish and obnoxious approach. With respect to this “apology”, I am at a bit of a loss as it seems more like a manipulative list of personal issues. In my opinion it is akin to “I only hit you because I care”. That being said, I am happy to give the benefit of the doubt and I hope his approach changes. This would mean he would need to stop popping off about things before he gathers the facts – God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. This city has a long and complex history politically and to someone who is so new to town, you may want to get an understanding of just how much things have improved under the current administration – to say light years doesn’t quite do it justice. That includes the website that you seem to be annoyed with so much – the prior website was utterly useless. P.S. the QCP site is an organizational disaster so “glass houses” as they say.

    As I said before, I am giving the benefit of the doubt and look forward to Tim’s future constructive ideas and opinions.

  3. Timothy, welcome to Plainfield, land of the bullies.

  4. As an apology, that could and should have stopped after the first paragraph. All the unnecessary personal details that follow illustrate perfectly the same pathological lack of self awareness that caused problems in the first place. I believe that there is a sincere interest on Tim's part to do good and make things better in our community. I respect that and wish him well. Unfortunately telling people "I'm a nice guy, please like me" doesn't really work. I hope he manages to keep his enthusiasm, but learns restraint in his commenting. Listening, learning, interacting less aggressively and more thoughtfully would help. A new perspective should be welcomed, but you alienate many when you make bold and frequent proclamations without having done your homework and taking time to learn some history.
    Offered in a spirit of goodwill and help.

  5. Do I think Mr Timothy is going to behave any differently in the future? Really??

  6. I don't know who Anon, 9:56 AM thinks he is. As though he is the one who can or cannot accept apologies. At least Tim is a standup guy and leaves his name. As for you, you sound like a Mapp kiss you know what. Just because you have kissed the rulers ring don't get mad when others call out this lying, rubberstamp everything, hypocritical administration. Tim may be new which is cool because he has not drank the kool-Aid like you. He does not need your benefit of the doubt pompous butt. New or old he can write what he wants.

    1. Anon 4:48 - Did you read your post before you hit submit? Tim sent a note of apology - so those that were annoyed or irritated are the ones that can choose to accept it or not. Maybe he intended to send it to the City Department of Apologies for a group acceptance?

      Not sure you understand how governments operates - the guy submitting proposals for approval can't technically be the "rubberstamper" (sic) as well. Maybe you mean Mapp is a rubber maker or creator?

      FYI - saying that someone is a stand-up guy when they put their name on a post when yourself didn't is down right hilarious.

  7. Anon, 7:41PM, First of all I did not say I was a standup guy, I said Tim was. All I am saying is he did not need to apologize to anyone, everybody comments annoy or irritate somebody, especially yours. You seem very judgmental, and are the epitome of sarcasm. It is people like you that divide this city, you always have something bad to say about people you don't agree with. Tim is a great person who is doing something positive for the city. What do you do but hide behind your condemning remarks.