Monday, January 16, 2017

Look! Queen City Pride!

This is a new online source for information about Plainfield, developed by Timothy Priano:


  1. No thank you. Not interested in anything his has to say.
    Beware of sheep in wolves clothing.

    1. Grow up! Second ward bubble!

  2. wolves in sheep clothing!

  3. Helpful site - look forward to seeing how it evolves - hopefully over time it is organized differently so there is less scrolling through links with different fonts and graphics - makes it kind of messy. But a great start - these things always change and improve over time. Definitely a nice effort and nice that someone took the time to do that.

  4. Great that somebody used their personal time to do this - but what exactly is the point of it? It is really not well designed or organized - hate for all that effort to go to waste because people don't utilize the website - for whatever the purpose of it is.

  5. Thank you Bernice, We are working on updates daily to sharpen the focus and not leave anyone out, please send me links for the site.