Sunday, January 22, 2017

La Lucha Continua! Stay Woke

Congratulations to all Plainfielders who took part in Saturday's peaceful demonstrations for women's rights. Marchers carried signs indicating they have not forgotten the atavistic and demeaning attitudes of the new president, as caught on film and in public remarks.

The volume of marchers in nearby Westfield as well as in major cities across the U.S. and the world should let the new president know he cannot just dismiss women's concerns.

If you did not hear the inaugural address when it was given, you can read the full text online. The BBC web site is one source. 

Proposed changes to federal policies and priorities could be damaging not only to all women and girls, but to Plainfield itself in many ways. Current funding for education and public health could shift in drastic ways for urban centers. Local government and citizens at large need to pay attention and react to harmful changes.

The struggles of the 1960s are still not over, nor are those of the 1980s. Hard-won rights can be lost and new ones blocked. Plainfielders, don't let it happen.


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  1. So where were the marches when Clinton actually committed acts against females. Not just male locker room bragging.