Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Challenge Knocks Out One Council Candidate

City Clerk AJ Jalloh has found one Democratic primary slate's slogan improper and one City Council candidate's petitions invalid as of Wednesday, the last day to challenge April 3 filings for the June 6 primary...

In addition, one City Committee candidate's petitions were found to be invalid, though eight other challenges failed.

The City Clerk's office received petitions on April 3 for four mayoral candidates, four candidates for the unexpired Second & Third Ward at-large City Council seat and three for the Fourth Ward City Council seat. A slate using the slogan "Plainfield Democratic Organization" was not entitled to it, but cured the problem by changing it to "Plainfield Democrats for Change." However, the slate's candidate for the unexpired term, Ellen Carter Haygood, submitted petitions with 53 names but fell short of the required 50 names after Jalloh found 10 duplicate names and signatures.

Stanley Haygood's petition was found to be invalid because he did not state what office he was seeking, and Dematra Wallace's petition for the Ward 3, District 9 City Committee seat was deemed invalid because she is unaffiliated, and only a member of the same party can circulate a petition for a seat in a primary contest.

Here is the new slate list for mayor and council:

Mayor, Four-year term: Adrian O. Mapp
City Council, Second & Third Wards Unexpired Term: Joylette E. Mills-Ransome
Fourth Ward, Four-year term: Steve Hockaday

Mayor, Four-year term: Dr. Henrilynn Davis Ibezim
City Council, Second & Third Wards Unexpired Term: Cameron E. Cox
Fourth Ward, Four-year term: Elliott Simmons

Mayor, Four-year term: Bridget Rivers
City Council, Second & Third Wards Unexpired Term: Alma Blanco
Fourth Ward, Four-year term: none filed

Plainfield Democrats for Change
Mayor, Four-year term: Tracey L. Brown
City Council, Second & Third Wards Unexpired Term: Ellen Carter Haygood
Fourth Ward, Four-year term: Terri Briggs

All the challenges were submitted by Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, in his role as chairman of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee.



  1. One would think the sister and brother-in law of the supposed ‘kingmaker’ John Campbell would have reviewed their candidates paperwork and made the proper adjustments before submitting. Wilma Campbell going down to city hall behaving in a belligerent manner claiming foul play by Mapp is so typical.

  2. We seem to have entered into a period in our society where you can say whatever you want, and pass it for truth. What is really troubling is that people take no responsibility for their actions. It is not Mapp's fault that Wilma's candidates messed up. So sad that people will stoop to any measure to get what they want.

  3. Campbell incompetence at its’ best. Father, mother,son,sister and brother in-law and mayoral candidate. All those eyes and no one caught the errors?