Friday, April 7, 2017

Read Federal Joint Statement on Group Homes

Regarding concerns over possible uses of the Muhlenberg campus, Nancy Piwowar has provided a link to a Joint Statement of The Department of Justice and The Department of Housing and Urban Development. Click to read in its entirety.

No group home is proposed for the Muhlenberg site. There will be more discussion on April 20 at the Planning Board meeting.

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  1. No "group home" is proposed, but the City, Developer, and Residents need to proceed with caution because if housing of any type is proposed, the Federal Fair Act comes into play, and the requirements of the Act must be followed. In the questions and answers on this website, "The term "group home" does not have a specific legal meaning. In this statement, the term "group home" refers to housing occupied by groups of unrelated individuals with disabilities." The Feds stepped in on the Evergreen case, so to err on the side of caution is best for the taxpayers of Plainfield.