Friday, April 28, 2017

Downtown Plainfield Alliance Cleans Up

A note from Ron Johnson of the Downtown Plainfield Alliance:

 I just wanted to let you know that Downtown Plainfield Alliance's first cleanup event was very successful! On Saturday we got around 25 people to come out and help clean up the Train Station area. We also planted ornamental grasses on Roosevelt Avenue and E. 3rd Street.

This was a team effort between the Downtown Plainfield Alliance, PMUA, City of Plainfield DPW, Community Development Office, Planning Office, Queen City Pride, the Plainfield Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Great Swamp Nursery and Angels of Action. Also, all the plants were paid for directly from donations. We actually doubled our donation goal in less than 4 days on GoFundMe. We thank everyone who donated tremendously! We all united together, at one point in the rain, and did Plainfield's part for Earth Day this year. We hope to keep the beautification efforts going by starting another GoFundMe soon.

He sent along some photos:

Displaying 18077166_165552387303635_3916041582369467922_o.jpeg

Displaying 17917912_165552353970305_3781433829067486975_o (1).jpg

Displaying 17966372_165552717303602_5499126432763252058_o.jpg

Displaying 17991684_165552773970263_6444328788339547184_o.jpg

Displaying 17991767_165552503970290_6349650286060496676_o.jpg

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Displaying 18055996_165552593970281_6954859419052100706_o.jpg

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See more about the Downtown Plainfield Alliance


  1. Nice job guys. I'm a little curious why no officials running for re-election or election showed up?

    1. That's what happens when politicians expect your vote without actually working for it.

  2. Congrats Ron and the group!

    Bernice, for some reason the photos aren't showing up for me. Is it just me or is anyone else having the same issues??

    1. They show up in my browser. You can also see them if you click on the link to Downtown Alliance.

  3. Is there some possibility that the miscreants that deposit the debris can be apprehended and given summonses for littering? Is there some possibility that the PMUA who advertises that they hand clean downtown streets can focus on the he Station area? If the cleanliness of the station and its environs is the legal responsibility of the Railroad is there some possibility that the City can obtain an injunction compelling the railroad to police their property? Is there some recourse that the City has against A & J Construction who continues to desecrate the City with their tawdry signs? Bill Kruse