Monday, April 17, 2017

Tenants and Landlords, How's It Going?

Plainfield's housing stock is still its main source of tax revenue and half of its households are renters.

Most of the upcoming development hinges on attracting more renters.

Where there are tenants, there must be landlords, and some are mostly here for the money (think of the now-departed Connolly).

Plaintalker is interested in hearing from tenants and landlords on what is working and not working about their relationship. The issue of parking has come to the fore, with the city trying to get cars off the street and landlords imposing rules that make tenants try to get away with parking on streets.

There are other items of concern. Tell us what is on your mind!



  1. Tenants needs proper and protected rights, QCP have received many Emails and Facebook messenger on issues that they are experiencing. We have forwarded these issues to the correct departments in the city, and our hard working city employees have reached out.

    Most landlords are attentive to the issues of their building and solve the issues because they have pride in their space.

    Tenants have to be ahead of the issue and not wait till it is too late. No one should have to beg to have a roof over there head, pipes fixed and other issues.

    Tenants have to make sure that they care and have respect the space they live in, showing Pride for the neighborhoods will make the the absentee landlords pressured to get this done the right and invest in their properties.

  2. Half these buildings nobody know who the landlord is. The parking spots at apartment complexs is just another extortion racket. And stop letting people move in without C/O and renting out closets and calling it a room. Need more inspection and enforcement of codes. Mr. X

  3. I lived in a Connolly building and I know at least six people who called or went to the mayor's office, Sharon at that time, and nothing was done. When several of us got a petition and went to Jerry Green, it was an election year, he made Sharon get off her lazy butt.

    This administration is very responsive to those issues, so don't be afraid to say something.

    Bob Bolmer
    Human Relations Commission, Secretary

    1. Hey Bob what do the Human relations commission do?

    2. Hey Bob still waiting on a answer. What do the commission You sit on do?

  4. My building was a Connolly building, as well. A bank receivership took over for a few years, then the landlord (company) we have now took over. They made a lot of improvements in the building -- new exterior entrances, brand new windows throughout the building, etc. The elevator always works these days. Maintenance requests are handled promptly and professionally. It's a different world than it once was.

    One thing I don't think is working is that, while maintenance guys come daily to clean and such, we have no on-site employees living in the building. With a building this size with more than thirty units, that's needed. If someone were on-site, they'd know kids run wild all evening, some apartments are overcrowded with additional people beside the original tenants, who's throwing trash around the dumpsters (not IN the dumpsters), who plays stereos loud enough to wake the dead, etc. I don't want to be the one who's like the old lady yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but despite all of the improvements, some of the tenants just don't care. Sigh.

  5. Jackie, I think you should be the lady (not old) who yells at the kids to get off your lawn. Quality of Life is not just for some, but for all. Where are the parents? Why aren't the kids home studying? There is a whole host of problems that come with not standing up for those things that are inherently right like:

    Having a safe neighborhood
    Having quiet after 9pm
    Having a clean living area
    Turning people in who could care less about you

    And, if the area residents don't demand better, they will not get it.

    I say good for you - raise the stink - get your neighbors involved. I say that your being the lady yelling takes courage and guts. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  6. Every time a new tenant moves in, a Certificate of Compliance for rental is supposed to be applied for and an inspection is done by the Inspection Division. Of course some owners slip tenants in and out without going thru the process. Inspections probably won't know unless a complaint (can be anonymous) is called in to the office.
    A strong suggestion is to develop a strong Tenants Association. There is power in numbers.
    N. Jordan