Friday, April 14, 2017

Muhlenberg Redevelopment Plan To Be Discussed on April 24


The JFK Muhlenberg redevelopment plan will be discussed at a Planning Board meeting, 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 24 at duCret School of Art, 1030 Central Ave. The public is invited to attend and participate.

The Planning Board meeting previously scheduled for Thursday, April 20 is canceled.


  1. Will this venue be able to hold all the concerned residents?

  2. I believe the venue holds over 200 people so I believe it should work. It is my understanding that this is the reason the 4/20 meeting was canceled and rescheduled for 4/24 - the venue change required public notice within the appropriate timeframe.

  3. This was the venue for all the Save Muhlenberg meetings years ago.

  4. The deal has momentum. It appears it will be consummated and assisted living will be a component regardless of public resistance. Whether the negative attitude toward assisted living is exaggerated or warranted is difficult to assess. Is the anticipation of old guys wandering around in their underwear a reality? At the moment there do not appear to be any viable alternatives. Perhaps its more accurate to say there do not appear to be any alternatives. No one is going to reopen the hospital, no one is going to build 150 homes, affordable income or otherwise, and no one is going to build a park So whether tis better to let the building rot or accept the benefits of an income stream for the City, a couple of hundred jobs and the financial benefit's of the inevitable services that will result from the development is the question? What remains of concern are the provisions of the deal. Viewing the tax abatement, or whatever phrase is appropriate, to my knowledge none of the development contracts that have been negotiated incorporate an increase in city revenue as a function of inflation. As an old guy I remember 11 cent movies on Saturday. Not only were they 11 cents but you saw two main features, a newsreel, a cartoon and a weekly serial thriller. If you had another nickel you could buy a candy bar that was twice the size of what you now costs $3.00. The deals the City has negotiated with Developers do not include escalations based on inflation which customarily is tied to a CPI ( Cost Price Index ). As the Developer raises his rents to account for inflation and market conditions the City continues to receive a fixed amount derived from current dollar value. Not being at the negotiating table it is impossible to judge as to whether the inclusion of an escalation provision would be a deal breaker or not. However, it is a customary component and its absence warrants comment. Bill Kruse