Friday, May 30, 2014


Note to commenters: The abbreviation for Assemblyman is Asm. For Assemblywoman, Asw.


  1. Sorry Bernice but if we are going to start having rules about abbreviations then I would like rules about punctuation and spelling - maybe we can extend it to facts as well?. Until then my abbreviation is Ass. Green. You can choose to not post my comments if you like - certainly your choice and I respect that. But at some point this very minor personal abbreviation can not be a point of contention when others fail to use a single period in their entire post, making it all but unreadable. Thank you for looking that up and setting the record straight - and forgive me (or don't post my comments) when I, or others, choose to use my own abbreviation of Ass. Green.

  2. Thank you Bernice for correcting the abbreviation for assemblyman.You are a woman of class.

  3. As far as I'm concern, it's either Jerry Green or Green. I don't feel the need nor do I have the respect for him to address him in any formal manner relating to his title.