Saturday, May 24, 2014

Read Your Ballot and Vote on June 3

My sample ballot for the June 3 primary election arrived today and I hope you received yours as well. As the message in red says, please take note of your polling place before discarding the sample ballot. Your ward and district are just above your polling place, in case you don't know it already.

You can choose among the various columns as long as you select within categories: One senator, one member of the House of Representatives, one Union County Surrogate, three freeholders and, if you live in the First or Second Wards, one City Council representative. The Third Ward has two council choices, one for Second & Third Ward at-large and one for the unexpired Third Ward term.

The City Council Democratic contests are as follows:
First Ward (four-year term) Diane Toliver, Siddeeq El-Amin or Emmett Swan.
Second & Third Ward at-large (four-year term) Charles Eke or Rebecca Williams
Third Ward (unexpired term) Gloria Taylor, Charles McRae or Rasheed Abdul-Haqq

Toliver, Eke and Taylor are running on the slogan, "Regular Democratic Organization of Union County."
Swan, Williams and McRae are running on the slogan, "New Democrats for Plainfield."
El-Amin is running on the slogan, "Plainfield First - Plainfield Forward!" Abdul-Haqq is running on the slogan, "Let's Get Rid of Jerry Green."

Republicans running unopposed are Randy Bulllock in the Second & Third Ward at-large race and Charles A. Jones Jr. in the Third Ward.

Plaintalker does not endorse candidates, but urges all registered voters to go to the polls on June 3 and exercise your right to vote.


  1. Thanks, Bernice. I hope all voters look at Column E. Jerry Green is trying his best to get his people in office and to not notice the damage Taylor and others have done to keep this city from moving forward. Taylor and Eke are Jerry's choice and a good reason to vote for anyone but them. I hope we can get a City Council that will move this city forward and not fall for Jerry and Sharon's desire to rewrite history.

    Bob Bolmer

  2. You may not endorse -but I as an avid reader of your blog and a registered voter and homeowner say -VOTE ON TUESDAY JUNE 3 COLUMN "E" TO MOVE PLAINFIELD NJ FORWARD!!!

    Thank You PLAINTALKER for allowing me to VOICE MY COMMENT.

    Yep I Said It!!!

  3. Plainfield!!! please, please listen, we need you to go out and vote, You know yourself that some of the folks running for council couldn't care less about this City (The Green Team only care about themselves and their puppet master, vote a resounding NO for Eke, Taylor & Toliver). The next step is a resounding GET OUT to Greaves, Reid, & Rivers.

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VOTE DOWN ONE LINE, you can skip around & pick and choose the folks that will help move this City forward. Please do this for Plainfield.