Thursday, May 8, 2014

ZBOA Remembers Melvin Cody

Wednesday's Zoning Board of Adjustment opened with a tribute to Melvin Cody, a 10-year member who unexpectedly passed away at home in April.

Chairman D. Scott Belin recalled Mr. Cody's style of questioning applicants who came before the board, saying while it was their duty to consider the positives and negatives of a case before rendering a decision, Mr. Cody always looked at the positive impact and how it would serve the community.

"For that, we should always be grateful," Belin said.

Councilwoman Vera Greaves, a Fourth Ward resident who knew Mr. Cody well, accepted a framed resolution after it was read aloud and agreed that the city should appreciate his loyal and outstanding service.

A tilted chair at the table marked the board's loss of his presence and participation.


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