Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SRB's PIO "Terry Someone"

One thing about having a nine-year online archive of stories about Plainfield - It's easy to look stuff up.

I searched for Terry West (the public information officer whose name former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs couldn't remember at Tuesday's special meeting) and got a post about Terry West's arrival in Plainfield in April 2012. There was another one about his projected role in publicizing the annual July 4th events.

The latter drew 28 comments, which reminded me of the fact that although an Independence Day committee exists on paper, plans were often made on an ad hoc basis without the oversight  the committee might have provided. We already have a minor controversy regarding the 2014 concert - a promoter came to the microphone at the May 15 council meeting to dispute the selection of the one who was approved.

But back to the need for a PIO or media director to draw positive attention to the city. It is important and is a bulwark for economic development, which involves a different set of skills. Of course, when the SRB years began, there was a roster of about 18 economic development proposals and most faded away, so there was not much need for publicity. To their credit, the council has approved a review of several past redevelopment plans and, as noted here, economic development appears to be picking up. Who will tell the story?



  1. Wasn't Jazz Johnson either the PIO or in media?

    SRB had a full complement of people when she began her office, including if I recall, a COS type of position.

    How quickly one forgets when vengeance is the driving force.

  2. Abby Someone....
    Abby Who ?
    Abby Normal ...

    Young Sharonstein

  3. Terry "Someone" should thank his lucky starts he didn't get the job.

    And, curiously, Sharon didn't care to employ a PIO until a few months before the election when she was running for mayor.

    She didn't need one for about 3 years before, but all of a sudden a few months before elections? Hmmmm... very self serving.

  4. It is amazing to me how delusional SRB can be. She is truly a legend in her own mind. I am sure the current administration has had to spend a great deal of time trying to clean-up this ladies messes from 8 years in City Hall. The fact that she really thinks she had it all going on is really something - a psychiatrists dream study on narcissistic behavior - among other odd behaviors. Her public comments are poorly structured and typically contradictory but when you peel back all the dribble it is at least entertaining to watch her perform for Jerry, the guy that dumped her.

  5. Just as an aside, I received my copy of the "Union County Directions" newspaper this week and as I glanced through it I noticed something very interesting. There is a great deal of development going on in Union County - both public and private. With many federal and state grants being used for job creation, public recreation improvements etc. The interesting thing throughout this newspaper is that there is only ONE mention of Plainfield in the entire paper and that is as one of the many stops along the raritan valley train line. Thats it. There is no mention of money being spent for improvements in Plainfield, ball fields being upgraded, parks being rehabilitated, business moving to the area. That makes me wonder - with so many years in local public service how has Ass. Green been unable to bring any funds or developments of significance to Plainfield? How has he only been able to lose a hospital and have 5+ years of chaos and drama related to the almost abandoned property? How as the "head of housing for all the universe" has public housing in Plainfield been so poorly managed and maintained? Interesting to note though that once Mayor Mapp was sworn in the developers started knocking on the door (not developing just yet but kicking the tires). That doesn't necessarily mean that Mayor Mapp has any unusual skill set that others lack (though he could) - but it does mean that developers didn't want to bring their money to Plainfield with SRB in place and Jerry controlling the strings.

    No matter how you examine it the history is clear - Ass. Green has not delivered much of significance to Plainfield and as the County Democratic Chair he failed further. After so many years in public service his list of significant accomplishments should be impressive - but instead he has only been able to create chaos and gridlock. Voting for him is clearly the wrong choice and voting for his slate in the upcoming election is even worse. Its time to send a message that Plainfield wants action and progress for its citizens and his approach clearly hasn't worked. In fact, it has made matters worse.

    I encourage everyone to talk to their friends and neighbors and get them to show up at the polls on June 3rd. It is the first step in clearing out the gridlock and moving Plainfield forward for everyone. Step two is next year when we get to wish Jerry a very happy retirement.