Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jackson Leads Trenton Mayoral Race, Faces June Runoff

Eric Jackson, Plainfield's director of Public Works & Urban Development, was the top vote-getter in Trenton's mayoral contest Tuesday, according to unofficial election results. Jackson bested five opponents but needed 50 percent of the total votes to win outright. He had 30 percent, and so will have to compete on June 10 in a runoff with Paul Perez, who received 20 percent of the votes. The winner of the runoff will take office on July 1.

 Jackson has served Plainfield as one of three department heads under the city administrator since September 2011. Last year, he and Public Works Superintendent John Louise oversaw a much admired renovation of City Hall and its grounds.

When the administration changed in January, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp kept Jackson on as department head.

In March, Jackson went out on unpaid personal leave and City Administrator Rick Smiley became acting department head in addition to his role of being in charge of day-to-day operations of the city.

Jackson has many fans in Plainfield who no doubt are wishing him well. He has been perceived as a highly competent official who has brought a professional atmosphere to City Hall. Plainfielders will be watching how things unfold in June in Trenton.



  1. Congrats to him on such a fantastic showing..... for him I hope it works out...for us.. our loss. He did such a great job for our city.

  2. Good things happen to good people. Congrats to Eric.

  3. Good luck to Mr. Jackson. I have worked with him and have found him to be professional and capable. Nice to see that in this city.

  4. Should be Trenton's gain. our loss