Thursday, May 1, 2014

Planning Board Resumes SED Hearing Tonight

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A hearing on Muhlenberg's proposal to move the satellite emergency department to Kenyon Hall will resume at tonight's Planning Board meeting, 7 p.m. in City Hall Library. The SED hearing began on April 18, but did not finish. 

The Kenyon Building is at the corner of Park Avenue and Randolph Road, as seen in the Google image above. A dialysis facility occupies the second floor.

As seen on this tax map, the 17-acre site was subdivided in 2007. The hospital occupies the largest portion, but was closed in 2008 except for a satellite emergency department operated by JFK Health System. Although opponents of a proposal to put 600 apartments on the hospital site see the SED relocation as a preliminary step, the application before the Planning Board now only pertains to the application to move the SED. 

About 50 residents attended the meeting at the Plainfield Public Library, examining displays of plans for the new SED and hearing testimony from JFK Health System's vice president for corporate facilities, Frank Tsemberlis; engineer Matthew Robinson; and architect Robert Ryan. The board also took questions from the public, but by the time a 10:30 deadline rolled around, it was too late to hear from a planner that attorney Wendy Berger said was the final witness on the application.

If the Planning Board is unable to finish hearing the SED application tonight, it will be carried to the May 15 Planning Board meeting.


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