Friday, May 30, 2014

Curses! Foiled Again?

Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Green snidely dismissed a controversial videotape as fake, but in a whiplash the original turned up online. The net effect appeared to be embarrassment (one of his most-used words) not only for the chairman, but for his candidates in Tuesday's primary.

But seriously folks, it is very important that all registered Democrats (13,105 at last count) come out and vote. I believe the unaffiliated voters (8,073) can declare at the polls if it is the voter's first primary. The New Jersey Department of State's Division of Elections has answers to many questions about voting.

Look at your sample ballot. You can choose by rows, not just columns. For instance, four people are running for Member of the House of Representatives. You can pick any one. Two people are running for council in my ward and district and I can pick either one. In the First Ward and in the Third Ward, there are three Democratic candidates each. With that said, you can always vote by slate. See the primary slates here.

It is against the law to intimidate voters or campaign inside the polls or within the 100-foot mark outside the polls. Vote your conscience and report any pressure tactics to election officials.



  1. You can also write-in candidates.

  2. embarrassment implies the ability to feel shame in ones actions... You are most definitely mistaken on your characterization of Jerry and his minion regarding any of their behavior..caught on youtube or not...

  3. Dottie GutenkaufMay 31, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    Bernice, you are correct--an unaffiliated voter (someone who has never voted in a primary or expressed a party affiliation when registering) can go to the polls Tuesday and vote in the Democratic primary. If you do that, you are no longer "unaffiliated" but have become a Democrat--but that doesn't mean you have to vote for Democrats in general elections. AND if any of the poll workers try to give you a hard time, feel free to call me (my cell phone is 908-361-9171)--I'll be at the "new dems" headquarters all day and can help with this kind of problem.

  4. I live in Plainfield for over 30 years I was disgusted what I seen on the video with Mr. Green. He bring shame to Plainfield.

    I cannot believe what I see and hear especially with the council women who represent me in the ward 4 and our foolish old mayor Ms. Sharon. What happen to respect and decency. I love this city but I don't like what I been seeing.

    God bless you all.