Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Look at Plainfield


Plainfield is a very old city and its residents greatly value longevity. I have been here since 1983, so to many I am still a newcomer. But changes are always taking place, and it's good every so often to see the city through another's eyes. Hence my suggestion that you take a look at a new blog that features people and places you might find interesting.

Using the big-city formula of creating names for districts, the creators are calling it "Plai-do," for Downtown Plainfield. You can find it here
Recent posts feature artist Gerry Heydt, a new Tex-Mex restaurant, the Boys & Girls Club and, because it is backed by developer Frank Cretella, posts about the Courier News Building and some other renovated buildings clustered around the main train station.

Some may recall when Plainfield's blog roster swelled from just a few to nearly thirty. Blogs are time-consuming to maintain and over the years many fell away. But here is a new one! So take a look!


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  1. Thanks for the link, Bernice! I've already learned about several businesses I had no idea existed here for years. I need to pay better attention when walking downtown.