Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Background on IT and Media

One advantage of having written a blog for nine years is that an archive now exists that may shed light on current city issues. Rather than expound on the present state of affairs in IT/Media, I direct your attention to past posts such as this one from 2010 titled "IT: Info Technology or Incessant Turmoil" which has links to other relevant information..

Among other quirky things that happened along the way in videography decisions, there was the time the council approved paying $100 per hour for taping meetings and events.

Questions arose in 2011 on council coverage, which is currently the topic of a perceived political tug of war between the administrative and legislative branches.

Initially former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs wanted Chris Payne to report directly to her, but the division had to be placed under one of the three departments mandated in the City Charter. It ended up under Administration, Finance, Health & Social Services, which had become a catch-all when former Mayor Mark Fury rearranged divisions under the three departments in the 1990s. The department now has 17 divisions. Click here and roll over the division headings to see the array.



  1. There is some overlap, but Information Technology, Media, and Public Information are three distinctly different areas. Health and Social Services should be separated from Admin & Finance, and probably from each other. If we are to have effective Social Services, it should have its own director, and one who has the skills to network within community, seek a high level of grants funding, and coordinate between public and private service providers. It is too bad the majority faction on the City Council, by way of its budget games, opted for a more inefficient municipal government filled with bloat. No wonder it chose not to hold PMUA accountable, as that city agency has for years carried the most fat and sucked the most money out of the pockets of Plainfielders of every stripe.

  2. I cannot understand why people in this city stand for such inefficiencies in the city council and don't vote these people out.


  4. Mayors in the past of done us dirt and no one has tried to fix it. I don't think we can expect this City Council with its gerrymandering ways to help us much. Maybe we will get enough voters to show primary interest and vote out the poor seed our party chair comes up with.

  5. People need to see what goes on at City Council meetings. If they did, they would see the lack of professionalism on the part of the Council President and some Councilors. With the constant fight over who runs Plainfield, some Council members and their puppet master or those really concerned with Plainfield, we need to get more people voting on primary day.

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