Thursday, June 5, 2014

Satellite Relocation Approval Memorialized Tonight

Tonight's Planning Board agenda includes memorialization of the board's May action to give preliminary site plan approval for Muhlenberg's relocation of the Satellite Emergency Department to the Kenyon Building.

Officials of Muhlenberg parent organization JFK Health System need the memorialization to move forward with the relocation plan. The meeting is 7 p.m. in City Hall Library, 515 Watchung Avenue. As Plaintalker reported previously, the relocation will free up the largest of three parcels at the Randolph Road site where the SED is currently operating inside the shuttered Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center. The hospital closed in 2008, but JFK maintained the SED and some other services at the site. Patients needing acute care are now served at JFK Medical Center in Edison.

Activists who fought the closing and then campaigned for the hospital's restoration are planning an event this year on the Saturday in August nearest to the closing anniversary. Details will be announced later.



  1. Who is on the Muhlenberg board? When and how was it combined with the Yelencsis Community Hospital board? How are these two boards relared to the Solaris renamed JFK board? What is the landlord tenant relationship between Community Hospital and Muhlenberg? Do all of these boards overlap and function as one? Who represents the interests of Plainfield residents on any or all of these boards?

  2. It sounds like JFK is getting set to put in Jerry and Sharon's 600 apartment complex plan. I wonder if either has been buying up property near Muhlenberg.