Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aguirre's Leap of Faith

Some people skydive to mark a milestone, such as a significant birthday. It can be a daring and memorable rite of passage. City entrepreneur Lenin Aguirre chose to strap on a parachute and jump from an airplane, he says, “to unite Plainfield.”

Heaven knows the city could use uniting. The very diversity that so many residents prize can sometimes Plainfield’s biggest fault. So many points of view, politically, socially – imagine taking sides not just during World Cup season, but all the time, and you have an outsider’s concept of the Queen City. East End/West End, black/white, 23 Latino homelands – That and more present a challenge to someone who would “unite Plainfield.”

Lenny says he got the idea after doing research on the City of Plainfield website.

"After many hours of research, I was inspired by the history of Plainfield in which George Washington, our first president and the founding father of the United States, set up his headquarters at the Nathaniel Drake House located in Plainfield."

Inspired by George Washington’s vision of wanting something far greater than his own ambition and
self, that being the unification of people to create what is regarded as the greatest nation on earth,

Lenny says he "decided to do the unthinkable". – Jump out of a plane and stick to his vision of unifying and
sending a message to all Plainfield residents that "we must collectively push ourselves to reach new

“ I must say that I felt not only nervous but also determined to accomplish my vision of sending a message to everyone. There are so many issues in Plainfield that the only way to resolve these issues would be to unite and have more people involved in our local government. There is too much separation and not enough unity!

“As I was in the air and gazing on the vast landscapes, I thought to myself, it’s time to awaken the Queen City! I have taken this first step with the hopes that others will follow. “

Aguirre said, "This leap of faith symbolizes that Plainfield needs to reach new heights this year!"

The owner of Mayan Mobile Marketing said more than 40 Plainfielders received the skydiving video via email and it has been viewed on Facebook by more than 1,200 people.

See Lenin Aguirre's video here.


  1. It was Mayan Mobile Marketing that used the NAACP Facebook page to plug Jerry's Council team, and it's Mayan Mobile Marketing, along with the Incubator and Legal Shield that is more or less the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce. If Aguirre thinks we can reach new heights and come together with these associations he's a bit deluded.

    1. I find it quite sad that someone would criticize a young man during a moment of self reflection with nothing but his heart pouring out with the purest of intentions. This anonymous coward who dares take a shot at one of our born and raised youths from Plainfield sickens me. People wonder why so much of our greatest and most promising young people leave this City and never come back. Rather than being an adult and reaching out to Lenin to discuss your personal opinion you hide like a snake and strike. Seems that he wants to work towards a bigger goal and this anonymous poster part of the bigger problem.

  2. Letting everyone know that Plainfield Shade Tree Commission is presenting a free community event at the Plainfield Public Library from 10 to noon on Saturday, June 21, 2014.

    This informative and entertaining event presented by NJ Certified Tree Expert Pam Zipse of Hometown Forests, LLC will cover such topics as choosing the right tree for the right place on a residential property, choosing the appropriate tree species, what to look for at a garden center when choosing a tree. Also, how to plant, water mulch and do developmental pruning to prevent structural defects in trees. Pam will leave time for a Q&A on other tree topics as well.

    The event is free of charge, with first come, first served seating in the Anne Louise Davis Room, so claim your seat early! Hard copy flyers are available at the City Yard, the Planning Office and the Library.

    Hope to see everyone there, Mary Burgwinkle, Plainfield Shade Tree Commission