Saturday, June 7, 2014

On Political Season(ings)

Today's political sermon is on the topic of salt, an element that loomed large in Biblical times. It could symbolize either worth or devastation, opposites often raised in local campaigns here.

Take the example of Plainfield Democratic factions. To her followers, Rebecca Williams is the salt of the earth, a most worthy person, as wholesome as her trademark blue-and-white gingham shirt. To her  detractors, not only has she lost her savor, they would "salt the earth" her followers (New Democrats) tread.

Salting the earth meant not just overcoming the enemy, but ruining its turf forever. So even though Rebecca won the June primary and is the candidate of choice for a majority in the Second and Third wards, the opposition is out to trample her into the earth and make it sterile for New Democrats and their sympathizers.

So overweening is this desire that some commenters on the blog since June 3 and maybe even the Regular Democratic leadership is willing to promote a Republican on the November ballot.

Now, some may recall that "Republican" as used by the Regular Democratic Organization (RDO) is a virtual curse word. When Jerry Green wants to denounce someone (such as a blogger), he whips out the term "Republican." Well, sometimes he has some other curses, as we have heard and seen, but "Republican/New Democrat" is one of his traditional insults.

So now an actual Republican is being vaunted as the anti-Rebecca. What shall he be called, an RDO/Republican? There is a precedent. The former mayor was a Republican before she became the face of the RDOs in City Hall. Of course, she was cast out, but is now back in the bosom of the RDOs, and the current mayor, RDO-backed last year, is anathema.

Candidate Randy Bullock is an amiable sort. He has supported community-based affordable housing organizations, so maybe that increases his value as an RDO/Republican in the eyes of the "head of housing." When he ran for the Third Ward seat in 2012 against Adrian Mapp, he got 208 votes to Mapp's 2,846 - not bad, considering there were only 235 registered Republicans in the Third Ward.

If support builds for an RDO/Republican in the Second & Third Ward at-large race in November, it could be very interesting, especially if Bullock manages to win. Republicans are reorganizing Monday, picking a chairman and other officers. Bullock could find himself torn between two party chairmen, RDO leader Jerry Green and whoever the Regular Organization Republican of Union County chairman turns out to be. As in those cartoons depicting an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, Bullock could find himself getting conflicting demands and from one side, some salty language.

Well, with the primary over, there are many months to go before the general election. We shall just have to wait and see how things shake out.



  1. What about an overwhelming swell for the Republican in the 3rd Ward? Or even better - a write in for Charles McRae.

  2. Anything back by ASS. Green is poison. Sorry Randy but you should be very careful when dealing with the devil.

  3. Dear 2:37PM Randy Bullock is a Republican and not a Green Democrat!

  4. In the 18th century salt was not cheep. It was served in little cups and used sparingly. A tavern keeper would need to be a diplomat when dealing with people with different ideas, and political dispositions. He/she could not simply voice their opinion without insulting, and in all probability, loosing the patrions insulted. Instead they would use salt to quietly demonstrate their opinions, by placing the salt in front of the person they supported, thus creating the phrase to be "worth their salt", still used today.
    I would place my salt shaker in front of Ms.Williams any day.

  5. Let's write in Charles or get a Republican to replace the RDO dems who will only hold this city back. A Republican can't be any worse. Maybe a Republican for Assemblyman or woman. Interesting.

  6. Writing in Charles McRae's name would be a wasted vote, and much as I support him (and continue to) I will vote for the 3rd Ward Republican candidate in November.

  7. The people have spoken let the church say Amen.I was really disgusted with both sides.Both sides were equally dirty.Read Tom's article in the Courier today, sounds like an educated sore loser.Again the people have spoken, lets try to get along and work together.

  8. The people have not spoken. Those who chose to get up and vote spoke, but I don't consider 2K out of 13K registered voters as a mandate from the people.