Monday, June 9, 2014

Beware! If You'se a Viper - Or a Vaper

Cannabis sativa image, 6th Century
Well, maybe it's high time the city broadened its "no smoking" rules to deal with the possibility of legal marijuana and the increased popularity of electronic cigarettes.

A proposed ordinance broadens the term "smoke" to include electronic cigarette vapors and marijuana smoke along with tobacco in prohibiting such indulgences in municipal buildings and city agencies..

It says smoking means "engaging in an act that generates smoke, such as for example, but not limited to, possessing a lighted pipe, a lighted hookah pipe, a lighted cigar, an operating electronic cigarette, a lighted cigarette of any kind or a lighted smoke inhalation device of any kind that generates smoke, or the act of lighting or igniting a pipe, a hookah pipe, a cigar, a cigarette or smoke inhalation device of any kind that generates smoke."

The lore around smoking marijuana goes way back into the 20th Century, as in this 1936 Stuff Smith tune, "You'se a Viper."  Curiously enough, those who use electronic cigarettes are known as "vapers."

So if this legislation passes, both vipers and vapers will have to join those lonely smokers standing around outside municipal buildings satisfying their habits while their nonsmoking colleagues are inside working. Psst - there's a hookah shop downtown in case that's your style. You'll just have to keep it under your desk when not in use outside.


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