Monday, June 9, 2014

Fire Officers' Pay, More on Tonight's Agenda

Firefighters are due to receive a 1.25 percent cost of living increase for 2013 if the City Council approves a resolution next week.

Also up for a vote next week if the council moves it to the agenda is an ordinance to increase pay for fire officers. Wage ranges would be from $63,402 to $98,280 for fire lieutenants, $73,039 to $113,180 for fire captains, $78,635 to $121,855 for a battalion chief and $84,229 to $130,529 for a deputy fire chief. If passed on two readings, the increases would be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013.

Those measures are up for consideration tonight (June 10) at the agenda-fixing session, 7:30 p.m. in Municipal Court.

Also up for discussion:

-Award of a contract for media production services to WBN Production Services at a cost not to exceed $17,499.

- An amendment to an ordinance on television coverage of council meetings indicating all meetings (agenda/work meetings, regular meetings, special meetings and emergency meetings) shall be video-recorded. This comes in the wake of the administration's ruling that only regular meetings will be televised for the balance of 2014 due to budget constraints. Council President Bridget Rivers announced at a May 29 special meeting that the council was paying for that night's coverage on video. The special meeting was called to disapprove of a video featuring Mayor Adrian Mapp.

-Modification of special event rules to include a requirement that organizers bear all municipal costs associated with the event. An estimate will be given after receiving permission but before the event takes place. The organizer must pay by certified check in advance and will later receive any unexpended balance. Special events must not exceed three days' duration and cannot run past 11 p.m., according to the proposed amendments.



  1. So the Council yanks money out of Media, which causes potential service disruptions of TV coverage of its meetings, then it adds money back in a contract with an outside vendor to get the coverage its original budget cuts would cause. How about if Media and Recreation sponsor a TV production course for youth and seniors, part of which would develop a group of unpaid interns who would shoot the meetings, and also teach them the skills and give them the opportunity to create other types of programming for PCTV.

  2. Regarding the fire salaries: Is there a new contract in force? If so why hasn't it been made public? The admin and council argue about this job or that salary band but public safety salaries and benefits is where the big money is. If there is not a new contract why do we need to increase salaries via ordinance? Why do we need to increase salaries at all? Is anyone threatening to quit if they don't get more money? If there isn't a contract how does increasing firefighters' salaries enhance the city's bargaining position?

    (Note to other commenters: please spare us the "hero", "jealous", "can't cut it" replies - just the facts about the salary situation, please.)

  3. Alan Goldstein, why aren't you the Mayor of Plainfield. I read your posts often, which are informative and straight to the point. You are right again! Why would the City pay for outside services that the Media department already provides? Makes no sense, but this is Plainfield isn't it! Adrian Mapp will be a one term Mayor. His vindictive behavior and personal vendettas will seal his fate. He needs to stop acting like a spoiled 12 year old girl who didn't get her way. Will someone please tell Adrian his slip is showing??

  4. Why does the Police and Fire Unions always get what they want? Perhaps they should have a salary freeze! The City of Plainfield needs more people in City Hall to work within the many divisions to spur redevelopment, improve inspections and get grant monies to improve the infrastructure! I agree with anonymous 9:01 AM. if THE POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS DON'T LIKE IT QUIT. These departments are too top heavy already as noted by the CBAC. I wonder how many friends and family of the Council of "NO" are working within these departments.

    1. Jerry Green's son, Sheldon, is a veteran Plainfield firefighter. I don't believe he's an officer. He also is, or at least was, the city's OEM coordinator.

    2. His father should do the same