Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Festival Opens Friday

Friday may prove to be a test of whether large festivals can do better this year with noise and crowd management.

Nightclub owner Edison Garcia received city approval to use lots 8 and 8A for his festival celebrating the Independence of the United States. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it will run from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m..Since the festivals began about six years ago, the city has increased daily fees to $2,500 and this year requires organizers to hire six police officers in addition to whatever private security may be used.

Residents requested tighter controls around the beer stations this year to prevent young people from being too close and to manage cases of public intoxication. But despite a lot of talk about noise, no specific guidelines on volume were imposed. The sound carried a mile, according to some who complained. The music is to cease at 10 p.m.

Garcia will also hold a three-day festival in September, celebrating Central American Independence. Another nightclub group will hold one the same weekend in September, in addition to a parade from Rock Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue. The events attract thousands of visitors to Plainfield and both organizers say they create good will and get people to know the welcoming side of the city.



  1. Is the city liable for any incident that is a result of this drunken quasi orgy. Such as car wrecks assaults or worse.

  2. People can bring their camera phones to the festival and take video and pictures of any disorderly behavior and also pictures of the security force to make sure it is doing the job it is being paid to do. Drinking is supposed to be behind a roped-off area with no one wandering around with open containers or plastic cups. If this is done starting Friday, the video can be shown to the police director to make sure it doesn't happen again during the weekend. Anyone wandering outside of the open area needs to be brought back inside or arrested.

  3. I don't see a lot of good will, but can hear the noise seven blocks away and I don't know why the end time is so late. Stop the music at 9 and the festival at 10. I don't think our City Council has been very responsible about this. How much will the taxpayers have to fork out for the cleanup? Zero is what it should be. I bet the majority of taxpayers in Plainfield never attend one these "festivals".