Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Price Launches Write-in Campaign

Within its four wards, Plainfield has 34 voting districts. On alternate years, Republicans or Democrats choose male and female representatives for two-year terms serving in these most grass-roots of all elected offices. This year, it's the Democrats' turn to fill those 68 seats.

As some may recall, the male seat in Ward 2, District 6 was the subject of a controversy. Petitions were signed for Peter Price, but then petitions for Jerry Green were filed. Price said he was asked by  local Democratic chairman Adrian Mapp to step aside in favor of Green.

Green, the District 22 Assemblyman and chairman of the Regular Democratic Organization of Union County, then withdrew for whatever reason, leaving no one on the ballot for the 2-6 committee seat.

I wrote a commentary on the 2-6 and today Peter Price alluded to it in announcing a write-in campaign for the committee seat:

"In regards to your article of April 18, Commentary on 2-6, I wanted to provide and answer to your question "What is the status of the original filer now?" Answer - I am running as a write-in candidate on June 6, and welcome the support of my neighbors and friends in the 2-6. I along with my surrogates will be visiting homes in the 2-6 with instructions on how to cast their vote for me. Folks should also check their sample ballot for instructions on how to make a personal choice. If they still have questions on Primary Day, June 6, they should ask assistance from the District Election Board Worker before entering the voting booth."


  1. Timothy O'ConnorMay 3, 2017 at 10:35 AM

    On June 6th I will be “writing in” Peter Price’s name; however I wish all I needed to do was pull a lever. This whole situation could have been avoided. If only the powers that be had the fortitude to say no to the machine. Machines are important but machines are not people and we don’t ask worthy candidates to fall on the sword for the machine. Had Peter’s “friends” stood strong, Peter’s name would have been on the ballot.
    We know why Jerry Green withdrew his name as does the “insider”. Green could not win in 2-6. We would not vote for him and the organized, grass roots write in campaign for Peter would have succeeded against him.
    This should be a life lesson for those who were involved in this decision. People come first and the first rule of politics is not to “take away” things that people deem theirs; whether that is art or the person that they want to represent them on the committee.
    Peter if you need me to do anything to ensure that you represent 2-6 on the committee please let me know. You only have one sign on my lawn feel free to add as many as you want.

    1. Actually political machines are people - currently one of them serving as part of the machine is Peter Price. That isn't a dig against Peter in any way - just a clarification that machines are actually people. Or did you think there was actually a giant machine located in Elizabeth?

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  3. We should write in Peter Price's name to counteract any games or whatever was going on with Jerry Green. I represent another Ward and District, but I don't trust some of our politicians, but hope they will do what is best for Plainfield, not what is best of themselves.

    We need to elect responsible people who love Plainfield and will put personal agendas aside and work for our city. That is why I am voting for Mayor Mapp and the rest of the regular Democratic line. I want people who want what is right for our city and I'm not impressed by large election signage or hype.

  4. Hi Bernice,

    Some folks have been asking how to write me in on June 6. Here's the information I received from the Union County Board of Elections.
    1.Go to button #20 in the personal choice column - male member County Committee.
    2. Select button – a blinking green “X” will appear.
    3. Use the keyboard at the bottom to enter my name – one letter at a time – Peter Price.
    4. To make a space between my first and last name us the arrow pointing to the right on the keyboard.
    5. Then press the enter key on the keyboard. Your choice is recorded and removed from the display.
    • Do not press the Cast Vote Button until all other choices are complete.
    • Should people have any questions, please ask the District Election Board Worker before entering the voting booth. Thanks for passing this information along. Best regards. Peter

    1. OR:

      Bring along a teenager who is more computer savvy than you.

    2. Charles P. LambMay 8, 2017 at 2:50 AM

      Better yet use a mail-in ballot. Not only is it easier but no one knows if the machines actually count all the votes or not.

    3. Thank you, Peter. I too was unsure how & where to write you in, but surely too embarrassed by my ignorance to actualmy ask. There's a lesson there, about ego & humility,but also - in a very different context - one about disenfranchisement & hurdles deliberately emplaced to afflict the powerless.