Friday, May 26, 2017

Regarding Safe Haven

A couple of candidates mentioned the Safe Haven program at Thursday's forum and one blamed the city for its demise. As I recall, the Safe Haven program was initially based on a five-year grant. When the grant expired, I believe the city helped out for a time, but could not fund it indefinitely. I wondered at the time why, if there was a five-year grant and five years elapsed, why was it a big surprise and dilemma that there was no more funding? As I recall, a city that received the grant could not just reapply, so the logical thing would have been to look for other outside funding sources in time to assure continuity.

I hope anyone who remembers the situation will add factual information about what went down.

Meanwhile, here is a very good description of "Project Vision" in Plainfield, a 2005 program meant to deter young people from gang involvement. The elements of this program can still be applied by any other organization today, on whatever scale possible.

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  1. Bernice, it was a four (4) year grant for $600K (with four components, including the Safe Haven Program) with the City contributing $150K of that amount annually. After the grant expired, if the City wanted to continue the program, the City would be responsible for the complete funding.