Friday, May 12, 2017

Ramadan Starts This Month

While some Plainfielders will be launching the picnic and grilling season at the end of May, observant Muslims will start a month-long period of fasting.

Ramadan coincides with the Memorial Day weekend in 2017. The date is based on a lunar calendar, not the solar one in general use in United States.

Ramadan begins on the evening of May 26 or as soon as an imam sights the crescent moon, and ends a month later with large gatherings to mark Eid ul-Fitr, Click the links for more information.



  1. Thank you for the post about the Holy month of Ramadan. Just one point of clarification the fast begins when the new crescent moon is sighted. You don't have wait on a imam to sight it. Many communities have which is called a majils or council and the council make a group determination. Some start when it's sighted in mecca and some start when it's sighted in their particular time zone. Nevertheless may everyone have a blessed Ramadan this year. As always bernice thank you for your recognition of all communities. And for truly having a one Plainfield spirit. Norman Deen Muhammad

  2. Best wishes to our friends who are celebrating Ramadan.

    And warmest and hearty wishes to our Bernice P. for a great birthday, a wonderful birthday year, and many more to come.