Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stressed Out

A few too many recent challenges have just worn me out and impaired my ability to come up with blog posts.

Luckily for Plainfield, there are many more news sources than when the blog started in 2005. Jennifer Popper is doing an excellent job as the new editor of Tap into Plainfield and Timothy Priano has lots of information on his Queen City Pride website.

Every week, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp publishes a newsletter with events, updates and news about Plainfield, which residents can sign up for.through the city website at the "Stay Connected" link.  The website itself has City Council and land use board agendas, links to departments and divisions (including a roster of Recreation programs), and much more.

Most of the resources above are also on Facebook, and there is also a link to The Buzz In and Around Plainfield. As always, Dan publishes event notices and links to news articles on his blogs.

In my expanding menagerie of devices, laptop repairs took a month but something failed and another month is elapsing for more repairs. Meanwhile I am making do with the little netbook. I have to go back to PNC Bank for more help in setting up online banking on the iPhone and I am trying to learn how to operate a new tablet device. Even the Kindle demands attention for an update that so far I can't attain. It's harder for me to read small letters and numbers nowadays, which adds to the stress.

My measures to reduce stress have included getting some ylang ylang oil for an aromatherapy locket and fixing a little step counter to encourage more walking. Intrigued by a notice for a kora harp concert at the Plainfield Public Library, I looked up kora music and I must say it has a beautiful, calming sound. Hoping to make the May 30 concert by Sean Gaskell at 7 p.m. in the library. See more about the kora here.

The garden is also a stress reliever, except when landscapers denude it with weed whackers. We have a new landscaper who seems to be more attuned to gardens.

Love in a Mist
There is always something new coming up in the garden and this week it is a delicate flower called Love in a Mist, with blossoms in shades of blue surrounded by feathery foliage. So pretty!


  1. Dear Bernice.
    You do Plainfield proud. Thank you for all the time and talent you have shared with us over the years. Wishing you peace and happiness and good health always. You're the best. Libby and Peter