Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Three Weeks To Primary, Please Curb Insults

I made the mistake yesterday of posting a response on my blog to something that Dan posted.

Dan does not post comments, so people brought their reactions over here. I held most of them, but I regret initially putting up one.

With three weeks to go, we are now in the ugly phase of primary campaigning. Call me a tender blossom, but even after 30 years I feel very queasy when the stink bombs are tossed just before an election.

I have seen some extreme tricks in the past. One year, someone paid a quarter to open a newspaper box in front of City Hall, then inserted a scurrilous flyer in each of the newspapers inside. Anyone who legitimately bought a paper saw the flyer. It caused much gossip and also made it seem that the newspaper company was complicit.

Another very bad incident occurred when a local politician took out an ad in the daily newspaper warning of a huge tax increase. A woman who came to a City Council meeting to complain became so distraught that she collapsed and later died. The projected increase later proved to be falsely exaggerated.

I hope people will stick to the issues and not make personal attacks or false claims between now and June 6. Comments along those lines will not be posted. If you agree or disagree with Dan, you can send him your questions or suggestions at plaindan@gmail.com

The primary race will be over soon and so will the decision on chairman of the Democratic City Committee. We may then be free to enjoy the summer before people take up the cudgels for the Nov. 7 general election and school board contest (yes, it was moved from April to November, then back to April and once again back to November).


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