Friday, May 5, 2017

Redevelopment Plan Includes A Whole Downtown Block

The Planning Board painstakingly reviewed a draft redevelopment plan for Block 247 Thursday and members hope to have it to the City Council for approval in June.

While parts of the block were previously discussed for redevelopment, the plan includes the entire 11-lot block bounded by Madison Avenue, West Front Street, Central Avenue and West Second Street.

It currently includes a large mixed-use building on Madison Avenue.

West Front Street has businesses with apartments upstairs and one very large commercial building at the Central Avenue side.

A rather dilapidated city parking lot opens on both the West Front Street and West Second Street sides.

Rather than try to report on the somewhat tedious page-by-page  review which included fixing typos and spelling errors (supercede? supersede!), I am offering links to past stories on the block. The possibility of a brew pub was mentioned Thursday, as it was in December 2013, and that post includes a definition.

August 2016 - City Block Attracts Developers

January 2016 - Is Downtown Block In Need of Redevelopment?

July 2014 - HAP-py, The Council Rendition

February 2014 - HAP Wants City Lots, Council to Discuss

December 2013 - Landmark Eyes Lot 9 For New Project

November 2013 - City Land Sought for Development


  1. Do they have rehab or demolition in mind for that historic and very distinctive (for Plainfield and most of New Jersey, not Brooklyn) mixed-use building in the first photo? Plainfield has demolished enough of its heritage downtown, those days should be totally behind us now.

  2. the city just wants to push the latin community out of town
    Juan Carlito

    1. This not true, in my opinion. Why would the administration and council declare Plainfield a "fair and welcoming city" if this was true. Why would City Hall be open for municipal IDs and why would a translator be available at council meetings? Please reconsider your comment.

    2. It they wanted to do that, they would crack down on the illegal subdivisions of one and two family houses. Take a walk down W Front to see what I mean.

    3. Juan Carlito sounds like one of those silly season posts intended to spread lies about Mayor Mapp before the primary. Anyone that has been in town long enough and knows the Mayor, would know that this couldn't be further from the truth.

  3. Gentrification is real. It's not about pushing latinos out... it's about investing in the community to attract more viable businesses to generate more tax revenue. It's funny how when they tore down the projects there was no latino outcry... oh those were government subsidised and illegals couldn't live there but now these "historic" dilapidated buildings are being considered it's an issue... not at all... if your paperwork is good there shouldn't be a problem moving. Sorry but we need as a city to generate more tax revenues and condos and townhouses do that... not transient apartment buildings