Friday, May 5, 2017

Woodland/Cook School Saga Goes Way Back

As Dan wrote on his blog, the Planning Board briefly discussed the proposed new Woodland School Thursday. Chairman Ron Scott Bey said no one appeared for the Capital Project Review.  The applicant was listed as New Jersey Schools Development Authority and the subject was "demolition of the Woodland Elementary School and the construction of a new elementary school with site improvements."

Plaintalker has had occasional posts on the subject for a while. See this 2014 post on Woodland School with links to other information. I used to report on school board meetings in addition to land use and municipal government, but can no longer do it.

In 2009, Woodland was only due for renovations, as mentioned in this post on Steve Gallon III's first meeting. The post provoked this reaction from our Assemblyman.

The NJSDA page on school projects for Plainfield still lists repairs for Woodland, but there is also a link for "new school" that says "Construct new K-5 elementary school on district site for 756 students to replace the existing Woodland ES and Cook ES, the existing Woodland ES will be demolished upon completion of the new school while Cook ES will be used for district"

Interested residents can check the NJSDA link for updates in addition to inquiring at school board meetings. Scott Bey mentioned that the Planning Board needs a long-range facilities plan from the district.

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