Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stepping It Up

Looks good, eh? Never mind that the device considered my gyrations while sifting compost to be "steps."

My daughter gave me the little step counter a while back and I used it until the battery died. I forgot about it while we were enduring the most recent dislocations in the apartment. In fact, I wasn't even sure where it was with all the shifting of possessions since the November squirrel invasion, January's Friday the 13th massive leak and six weeks of repairs starting in March.

This month, I took action! Looked up the kind of battery needed and ordered it from Amazon. It arrived in a box plastered with warnings about lithium batteries (land shipment only, not by aircraft, etc. etc.). I had to mummify the old one in tape lest it get wet or touch another one in the trash and explode.

Next task, unearth that set of tiny Phillips screwdrivers and pick the right size, Unscrew the back, replace battery, screw it shut. It didn't want to line up - I nearly said "screw it" but persisted until it took hold.

Since then, my step totals have varied wildly but never reached 10,000 until I did some errands on foot and then spent an hour shaking compost through a large sieve (or riddle, as the English say). The result made me think a 1950s belt massager would have shaken out those last thousand steps, or in these times a Big Freedia tutorial might help. But I do love sifting compost, so I'll just keep it in mind for back-up to get those "steps" when I don't feel like traipsing down to the bank or the P.O.


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