Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let's Start Over in 2016

The Troll
Fremont Troll, Seattle
I just deleted several comments and I am not printing several others. It appears my visit to the Board of Education Organizational Meeting awakened a troll, identifiable by the repeated use of certain words in multiple comments.

One comment branded me as "so obsessed with the BOE that you will accept anything." I hardly think attendance at one meeting on Dec. 22, where I sat and listened while crocheting, and then at the Jan. 5 organizational meeting where I took notes, qualifies me as being obsessed. Nor can one blog post mean that I am "hell bent on attacking the Campbells." In addition, perhaps exactly because I do not "fall for anything," I have exercised my right to make a couple of OPRA requests for resolutions that did not seem to be on the published agendas.

The school board has nine members elected by the public and makes decisions affecting 7,500 children, using $180 million in local and state taxpayers funds. Its meetings are subject to the Sunshine Law. It is not a closed corporation and the presence of a reporter or blogger does not constitute an attack.

As for comments on the blog, there was a time when no comments were allowed. I decided to allow them in recent years, but I am the arbiter of what gets published. Maybe I have been too lenient at times. The best comments speak to the topic or issues in the blog post, or add information. Let's keep the comment section as a forum. Please, no name-calling or insults in 2016.



  1. With all the Drama among the School Bd of Ed, the teenagers will not have to rush home to watch soap operas like we did in the 80's.

  2. Thank you Bernice.

    Robin B

  3. Bernice, I love that, you are a great example to other blog writers who have no intentions of helping Plainfield just dividing us with their negativity and attacks.In 2016 my resolution is to only read your blog. I hope others will also boycott those blogs,that hurt,lie, and attack people.Bernice keep up the good work. Lee Evans

  4. Hi Bernice. You are the consummate professional and we in Plainfield are so fortunate to have you! I do hope 2016 will be a year of folks taking the high road.

  5. I agree with Lee, and Peter. The high road is always the best path. I only read your blog anyway.

  6. I also agree with Peter. Thanks Bernice!