Friday, January 22, 2016

South Second Street Redevelopment Plan Going to Council

Planning Board members voted unanimously Thursday to send a South Second Street redevelopment plan to the City Council for approval.

The redevelopment site is a large tract between Grant Avenue and Plainfield Avenue where plans have already been made public for 90 units of residential housing and construction of a 44,000-square foot commercial building.

The discussion Thursday night included comments regarding the board's insistence on directing the redevelopment process rather than letting the redeveloper guide it.

"We're not giving away anything," said Ron Scott Bey, who was re-elected chairman for 2016.

Planning Director Bill Nierstedt also alluded to the ethics of the Planning Division and said they "haven't gotten in bed with the developer."

Nierstedt said the developer did not agree with everything in the plan, but will work with the city.

Chief of Staff John Stewart, the mayor's liaison to the Planning Board, said the city planning office "in good faith" wrote a redevelopment plan.

The City Council passed a resolution in November authorizing Mayor Adrian O. Mapp to execute a redevelopment agreement based on a 60-page draft that accompanied the Nov. 23 resolution. It did allow for modification "as deemed necessary by the mayor in consultation with the city's staff and professionals."

Among the terms proposed in November:
The developer will pay the city $250,000 for the five-acre plot and the city is selling it "as-is."
The developer will have to deal with any environmental issues.
The developer can terminate if there is no PILOT agreement within 90 days.
There will be a $50,000 donation to Hannah Atkins Community Center
A 20 percent goal for minority employment is part of the deal.

This development is very significant for the West End, which has not seen major development in recent years. Click on links below to read prior blog posts regarding the development plans.

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  1. Only 20 percent goal for minority people for employment? Who is considered to be in the minority in Plainfield? I'm asking so I'll know whether or not I should start band standing.

    1. Anon 8:28 - Minority is legally defined and does not related to the specific ratio within the city - pretty sure you knew that and were being sarcastic - but then you ended with "band standing". Since that is not a phrase I thought I would clarify the minority question for you.

      Now maybe you can start "grandstanding" - although I would question that use here as well.

  2. John,I would hope the the City Planning Office would make a plan"in good faith".
    It is not realistic to insist that any developer would or could comply 100% with an idea.