Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yet Another Snow Report

Urban mountaineering
The snow piled up in Lot 6 will complicate parking for the Plainfield Symphony Society's After Dinner Dance scheduled to be held tonight Feb. 6 at the First Unitarian Society's Parish Hall across Park Avenue. Attendees for the fundraising event had been advised to park in Lot 6 but will have to find alternatives, as the snow now covers half the lot and the walkway to Park Avenue is blocked.
I emailed Mayor Adrian O. Mapp some questions about snow operations and received a response from City Administrator Rick Smiley:
- Are there other dumping sites, i.e., parks such as Milt Campbell?

  • 3 dump sites; (lot-1 behind Strand), (lot 7 behind Scotts drugs) and (lot 10 parking bureau). City parks may be utilized if needed.

Does DPW have any interim estimate of the tonnage/cubic yards moved already as of this morning?

  • Preliminary numbers indicated approximately 25,000-30,000 cubic yards.

- Will there be a report on your Friday message or at the Feb. 1 council meeting?

  • We will be providing the City Council a Storm Jonas preliminary report.  This has been placed on the agenda as a discussion item.

- Who is helping? I saw PMUA, DPW and also private trucks (M&A Tree Service being one).

  • 4-Contractors; (Plainfield) All auction demolition, (Plainfield) Messercola excavating, (Somerville) M&A Tree Service and (Kenilworth) Slack environmental services

  • P.M.U.A assisted with snow removal for 2 shifts.

-Will FEMA help pay for the effort?

  • It is our intention to submit any storm related cost we can to FEMA

The City Council meeting is 7:30 p.m. Monday in Municipal Court. Temperatures in the 40s with a high of 57 degrees projected for Wednesday should melt some of the snow.



  1. Hey you kids be careful ... you are going to shoot your eye out.

    {Generic response from us old people to those young whipper snappers whom we only wish we had as much energy as}

  2. Isn't it nice to get answers to your questions without the I'll get back to you or no response we used to get. Good job this administration trying to keep up on concerns.