Sunday, January 3, 2016

Progress: Plainfield Now Represented on GBFCC

August's flash flood in Plainfield made's top-10 Union County story list and raised questions about flood control efforts for the county. Thankfully, Plainfield finally has a commissioner on the Green Brook Flood Control Commission after a long spell with no representation.

As reported in draft minutes of the Green Brook Flood Control Commission's November meeting, Leighton Williams was in attendance representing Plainfield and the meeting took place at the Plainfield Public Library. Best of all, plans for flood control in the Upper Basin (which affects Scotch Plains, Route 22 and Plainfield) will be reviewed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with the following comment:

USACE’s goal is to have protection in Plainfield. Mr Greco provided a visual map and description of areas to be addressed.

Plaintalker wrote about the question of Plainfield's representation on regional boards in August. The Green Brook Flood Control Commission involves a number of municipalities and counties. The Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority serves eight municipalities in three counties. As I recall, the question of who can represent Plainfield on PARSA is still in litigation.

The Green Brook Flood Control Commission's meeting schedule for 2016 will bring the commission back to Plainfield for its December meeting. Perhaps by then more light will have been shed on plans for the Upper Basin. Thanks to Mayor Adrian O. Mapp for nominating a commissioner, Leighton Williams, and to the City Council for approving the nomination. PMUA Commissioner Pedro Estevez also attended the November meeting.

These meetings are open to the public and any interested resident may also attend. With minutes online, any resident can also check up on what they are doing and report back to a neighborhood or civic group. Plainfield is changing and so will its needs as handled by these regional agencies.


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