Monday, January 4, 2016

Storch is 2016 Council President

New City Council President Cory Storch said Monday his goal is an "atmosphere of respect and civility" at council meetings in 2016.

"I'm not under any illusion that we are going to start hugging each other and have a kumbaya," he said, noting another goal is to improve communication between the legislative and administrative branches of government.

Storch's pledges gave a hopeful tone to the annual reorganization meeting. Residents have been complaining that contentious meetings aired on local television channels are embarrassing and are driving away developers and investors.
Storch was sworn in for a fourth term representing the Second Ward before being named council president.
Mayor Adrian O. Mapp administered the oath of office to Storch as well as to Barry N. Goode, who won the First & Fourth Ward at-large council seat in his first run for elective office.
Goode said Monday he has faced many personal challenges but added, " I know this is going to be the largest challenge."

He urged constituents to contact him with their concerns, saying, "I am approachable and I am not invisible."

Storch and Goode will serve four-year terms on the council. The council president's term is one year.
Both Storch and former Council President Bridget Rivers were nominated, but Rivers failed to get a majority. Tracey Brown, Rivers herself and Diane Toliver voted "yes" for what would have been Rivers' fourth term as president, but Storch, Goode, Gloria Taylor and Rebecca Williams voted "no." The vote for Storch reversed the roll call, 4-3 in favor. He was sworn in by Judge Joan Robinson Gross.
Nominees for chairman of the committee of the whole were Brown and Taylor. The vote for Brown failed in the same 4-3 pattern, but Taylor was approved unanimously and was also sworn in by Judge Gross.

The annual reorganization also included numerous appointments, adoption of a 2016 meeting calendar, approval of temporary budget appropriations through March and establishment of guidelines for public comment at council meetings.

In 2014 and 2015, Mapp gave his "State of the City" address at the annual reorganization, but it was not on the agenda this year. In answer to Plaintalker's query about it, Mapp said he will deliver the address later this month.

The next council meeting is an agenda-fixing session at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 11. The regular meeting will be at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Both meetings will be held in Municipal Court, 325 Watchung Ave.



  1. "I'm not under any illusion that we are going to start hugging each other and have a kumbaya," .... awwwwwwwwww...he does read my comments. Either way, it'll be a pleasure to think civility from the public and members of the city council will be required as opposed to the previous council president who encouraged an air of disrespect and no-Robert's Rules.

  2. In politics the only allegiance is to self and self interest as we witnessed that last night . So we know now who will get the nod for party line in the third ward. GLORIA , Well the struggle continues as always fighting for peace, progress and justice for all. Mr. X

  3. Congratulations Cory!!

    You earned and deserve this opportunity to be CC president.

    Now I will attend the CC meetings!!

    Jan Massey

  4. Fair exchange is not robbery! However, Taylor getting the line for a four year seat as 3rd ward council in exchange for a yes vote for Storch being chosen as Council President would be robbery. The selection process for whose name appears on the democratic line as a candidate is decided by the democratic committee members. This is not a dictatorship and I don’t believe the committee members will allow it to be. Mr X, political compromise should not be viewed as a self serving act, life would be one big gridlock without compromise in business, politics and life in general.

    I agree with the principle of separation of church and state but, the prayer at the beginning of the meeting was just want this city needed. I am delighted that it was part of the ceremony.

    Congratulations again to councilors Storch, Goode and Taylor.

    Robin B

  5. Congratulations Council President Storch. We need civility and respect in all aspects of our government especially here in Plainfield with so many important issues and problems in desperate need of our individual and collective contributions and solutions. Hoping for a very productive 2016.

  6. Congratulation to Councilman Storch and all who were sworn in last night. We can hope for more civil council meetings and better organization. Don't plan on Gloria getting the nod for another term. Let's see how she is able to represent the people of the third ward this year. Many in that ward are very dissatisfied with her representation. I hope she does better. This is not Jerry's Democratic City Committee and if someone tries to make it so, you'll here the dissension all the way to City Hall.

  7. As opposed to how Jerry chose candidates for city council by executive fiat and with nary a word from Norman Mr. X, the current committee has pledged to screen all candidates who want to run on the line and there will be a vote. Mr. X didn't say a mumbling word when Taylor and his cadidate Toliver were handpicked by Jerry. Why the double standard Mr. X?

  8. Congratulations to Mr. Goode and Mr. Storch on your new terms as City Council members and to Mr. Storch on becoming City Council President and to Mrs. Taylor on becoming chairman of the committee of the whole. The annual re-organization meetings are always full of hope and promise for the City. I wish you the very best success in working with your colleagues on the Council and with the Administration in making that hope a reality.

    Tom Kaercher

    1. Technically it is chairWomen. Or is it chairwoman. I get so confused since moving to Plainfield

    2. Some just say "Chair" - former Union County Democratic Committee leader Charlotte DeFilippo always used the title "Chairman."

  9. Congratulations to ALL! I remain optimistic on the promise of our great Plainfield. I am encouraged by newly elected Councilman Goode and I have the pleasure of knowing Councilman Storch since moving to Plainfield 5 years ago

    Carpe Diem Plainfield!

    Emmett L. Swan