Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Board of Elections Gives Voter Numbers

City Clerk "AJ" Jalloh will be in charge of his first general election on Nov. 8.

The Union County Board of Elections has published its Voter Registration Summary for the Nov. 8, 2011 general election. Click here and scroll down to see Plainfield's current breakdown by wards and districts.

The total number of registered voters in Plainfield for 2011 is 20,736, down from a November 2008 presidential election high of 22,516. There are 12,080 registered Democrats, 7,721 unaffiliated, 930 Republicans, two each Green Party and Libertarians and one Conservative. For all the talk of the Tea Party, it is not a recognized party for registration purposes.

The only municipal contest is in the Second Ward. Democrat Cory Storch, the incumbent, has 3,574 fellow Democrats in the Second Ward. Republican challenger William Michelson has 497 fellow Republicans in the Second Ward. Of course, the 2,020 unaffiliated voters in the Second Ward may vote for either candidate in the general election, as may the two Libertarians and two Green Party members. The total number of 2011 eligible voters in the Second Ward is 6,095.

Vera Greaves is running unopposed for the first and Fourth Ward at-large seat. Ward 1 has a total of 4,789 voters and Ward 4 has 4,051.

Two District 22 Assembly seats and one Senate seat are on the ballot. The Democratic slate includes incumbents Jerry Green and Linda Stender for Assembly and Nick Scutari for Senate. Republican opponents are Joan Van Pelt and Jeffrey First for Assembly and Michael Class for Senate. View the League of Women Voters of New Jersey questions to District 22 candidates and their responses (or lack thereof).

Your sample ballot should be in your mailbox soon. Check it for your ward and district and your polling place. For example, I am in Ward 2, District 1 and my polling place is City Hall Annex. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. As noted above, in the general election you are not bound by party affiliations and can vote across party lines.

Please remember to vote on Nov. 8.



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  2. I'm a little late on reading this post - but will comment anyway. I was disappointed that the local League chose not to have an Assembly forum to allow voters to contrast our positions with that of our opponents. Now Green and Stender have declined to answer the questions that the League posed to all Legislative Candidates depriving voters of a chance to contrast our positions. Jeff and I felt that we owed answers to the 22nd's voters, too bad our present representatives don't have equal respect for their constituents.