Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plainfield CDCs: Info Needed

Every so often, a community development corporation attracts public notice, but by and large there is not a high awareness of these groups and what they do.

The upcoming 1st Annual Historic Queen City Walk/Run for Life will benefit one such CDC, Plainfield Grassroots Community Development Corporation, and the event would seem like a natural means of highlighting this group's good works.

Plaintalker has reported in the past on the Liberty CDC connected to Mount Olive Baptist Church, when it became the lead agency in fulfilling goals of Operation Ceasefire. Some may recall that in Operation Ceasefire, any shooting was to be investigated as if it was a homicide. There was much ballyhoo about this program until it was disbanded due to withdrawal of support from the Union County Prosecutors Office because of financial constraints. Click here to read about an event marking the completion of training for volunteers who agreed to work with the program.

Plaintalker found online an interesting segment of the Congressional Record that describes Mount Olive Baptist Church and its CDC. Read it here.

Greater Plainfield Habitat for Humanity is another CDC that made news with its mission (see here).

In addition, the Plainfield Community Development Corporation is related to the Housing Authority of Plainfield and will, as I understand it, take the lead in the proposed transformation of Elmwood Gardens. Correction: My error, The Housing Authority is in charge of possible redevelopment of Elmwood Gardens, according to a redevelopment study that will be discussed at the Oct. 20 Planning Board meeting.

Most of the local CDCs are small, but here is an example of a large, multi-faceted CDC serving a city.

These groups have the promise of bringing about the kind of change that residents say they long for. Knowing they are out there and learning what they are doing can only foster hope for the city's future. CDCs, tell us more!


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