Saturday, October 15, 2011

Psst! Here's the Password!

I keep passwords in a notebook that is so random, a crook would soon stop trying to decipher it and move on to the next victim.

So imagine my surprise when I found out last week at Staples that my favorite planner book company, At-A-Glance, has a neat new little password keeper.

Hmm .... so then where would you hide it? In your favorite roman-a-clef? Inside a sock in the sock drawer? Mixed in that pile of paper on your desk?

I have accumulated so many passwords by now that even I get frustrated by leafing through my purposely disorganized notebook. It is my own informal baseline memory test to remember the passwords I use most often, but bringing to mind the ones I need only occasionally is a nuisance. The password notebook is so cute and I have no excuse for buying any other notebooks at Staples, I just might have to have one ... and figure out a hiding place.

My favorite planner
I used a specific At-A-Glance planner for 15 years as a reporter. It had a blank right-hand page for notes and a lined page opposite for daily reminders. When I needed one for my last year at the CN, I was crushed to find out they had dropped the format in favor of flowery new designs with no free space to scribble. Grrr. But the company is still my favorite.


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