Monday, October 24, 2011

"Hiatus" at City Hall

The city calendar is officially in what is known as "election hiatus" and the next agenda-setting session will not take place until Nov. 14, with the regular meeting following on Nov. 21. The election is Nov. 8 and there is only one contest at the municipal level, in which incumbent Democrat Cory Storch will face Republican Bill Michelson for the Second Ward seat.

Expect to see a special meeting or two, as the City Council has some loose ends to tie up. We are waiting to see what's next for the post of city administrator, after the inestimable David Kochel leaves us. There were rumblings about restoring the title of police chief. In addition, at least one more person remains to be questioned in the ongoing WBLS investigation.

Meanwhile, residents may be more interested in seasonal household chores and preparations for fall and winter holidays than in monitoring the actions of elected officials. Not to worry, a hardy band of bloggers will be on the case to gather hyperlocal news. While blogger ranks have swelled on paper (or on a digital roster), only a handful persevere in attending meetings and slogging through documents so you don't have to.

Stay tuned and don't forget to look for the "Donate" button on your favorite blogs (mine is at the bottom) if you want to toss a few PayPal pennies to those who keep tabs on City Hall, hiatus or no.


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