Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things Are Just Ducky

On a trip to Fanwood last week, this little rubber duckie in the gutter put me in mind of one of my favorite blog posts by Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Green.

Don't forget, as Nov. 8 approaches, "... it is time for every duck to fall in line with the premise of order."



  1. I did not understand it then and I still do not.Please, a one paragraph summary.

  2. Adrian Mapp endorses this crazy critter. You do the math!

  3. Bernice - Sorry for the late post comment. I was away this weekend fulfilling a long-standing commitment to lecture at my law school. I just read my opponent's 2008 rant. He fails to mention how, as the man charged with community oversight, he allowed Muhlenberg to close. It's time for the ducks to see what has and continues to happen and vote for new blood on Nov. 8th.